She.stain.ability is a feminine leadership development coaching program. 
“Through deep coaching conversations and customized leadership development journeys, we model and teach clients to cultivate the feminine leadership skills of self-awareness, intuition, creativity, connection, collaboration and innovation. We help our clients connect with their core values, so that they can create sustainable outcomes for themselves and others”.

The flower pedal shape is inspired by two ancient symbols: mandorla & vesica piscis. The mandorla symbolizes the womb, the gateway, the creative spirit. The mandorla is created from a symbol in sacred geometry called the vesica piscis. The vesica piscis symbolizes the union of male and female energy.

Common religious symbols were stolen from ancient woman-centered systems and reinterpreted in the contexts of patriarchy. Shestainability is about reclaiming the feminine in leadership. I wanted to reclaim this sacred ancient feminine
symbol for the logo.


                                                                            Coaching                                               Mastermind

                                                               Workshops                                               Panel Moderation